Enabling Regenerative Agriculture at scale

RegenX is a Green Value Chain Financing platform that drives smallholder farmer decarbonization across Southeast Asia.

Why Green Value Chain Financing?

Value Chain Financing (VCF) is a proven financial structure to solve suppliers’ working capital gaps.

With Green VCF, we incentivize the largest exporters in agri supply chains to decarbonize on-farm emissions by facilitating the implementation and measurements of Nature Positive farming practices and linking them up with the right pool of international green financiers.

Align economic interests

We partner with the best-in-class green financiers to unlock green VCF to the best-in-class agri exporters in each supply chain.

Favorable financing terms combined with a significant decrease in farmer input costs ensure an alignment of interests, which ensures that regenerative transitions can scale.

Decarbonize chemical inputs

In Southeast Asia, chemical fertilizers make up to 80% of on-farm carbon emissions. 

We drive the transition away from chemical inputs and towards microbiological ones in ways that regenerate soil and decrease cost without negatively impacting yields.

This allows decarbonization at scale while benefiting farmers, Nature and the whole supply chain.

Deliver robust Green KPIs

We partner with financiers and end buyers’ sustainability teams to come up with robust Green KPIs and programs that are tailored to Southeast Asian contexts. 

We do not engage in greenwashing and only work with partners of the highest integrity. 

The RegenX flywheel makes Regen Ag profitable

We connect the largest agri exporters to sources of Green Financing and align on Green KPIs to be implemented at the farm-gate.

Unlike other projects and interventions, we support smallholder farmers in the actual regenerative transitions required to achieve Green KPIs and focus on reducing farmers’ input cost without negative impact on yields

We measure the quality of microbiolgoical inputs and facilitate agronomic advisory to smallholder farmers so they can produce effective microbiological inputs specifically for their soils.

Once soils are restored and farmers’ profits increase, we leverage farmers’ trust to engage in intercropping and farm diversification to further enhance biodiversity and resilience.

Using a combination of farm-gate data on farming practices, inputs and yields, our data-driven approach allows exporters and financiers to substantiate the decarbonization progress while providing evidence that such transition is beneficial to smallholder farmers’ livelihood. 

Our proprietary data platform is the single sourte of truth for all supply chain stakholders.

It aggregates farm-level data, Green KPIs progress and impact metrics all in one place. 

RegenX - regenerative agriculture

3 key impact areas measured in a single platform

Livelihood, Regenerative and Carbon impact

Green KPIs dashboard

Track progress and Green KPIs for seamless monitoring of environmental performance with simplicity and precision.

Livelihood improvement

Monitor enhancements in livelihoods directly at the farm gate, ensuring accurate tracking and fostering sustainable agricultural development.

Holistic impact dashboard

Have an overview of the holistic impact the Green VCF programs have – from carbon to regenerative impact.

Regenerative Agriculture Pioneers

Regenerative Agriculture is the future of agriculture

It’s all about changing practices on the ground.
Benjamin Ware
Global head of climate and sustainable sourcing
Regenerative agriculture can be one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal for fighting climate change, biodiversity loss [...] and improve the livelihoods of farming communities around the world.
Ramon Laguarta
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
It revolves around the farm’s ecosystem: looking at the soil, looking at biodiversity, looking at water, and also looking at the carbon aspect. It is also about ensuring economic benefits for the farmers.
Jennifer Simpson
Director of Agriculture
These are unprecedented times with supply chains under enormous pressure and the impacts of climate change all too real. Regenerative farming is a critical part of the solution.
Grant Reid
Chair of SMI Agribusiness Task Force and Former Mars CEO

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