RegenX agroforestry farms

Source toxic-free ingredients from farmers who have completed their agroforestry transitions and ensure agroforestry continuity.

Why agroforestry continuity is key to our future

Agroforestry is the only farming system that can create higher net farmer income compared to monoculture farming, while regenerating soil and biodiversity and creating a healthier working environment for farmers.

It can sequester a high volume of carbon and is the most sustainable food production system to grow nutritious and toxic-free food.

In short, it is the only real option we have to grow healthy, Nature-Positive food in a way that is economically viable for farmers.

RegenX outcome


Soil health

RegenX farmer

Farmers' livelihood

Have an evidence-based impact

RegenX farmers regularly take snapshots of their regenerative practices, to prove their transitions are happening. Leverage these assets to make your Regenerative Impact come to life!

RegenX intercropping farm

Yearly audits for certifications are costly and insufficient to prove that the right regenerative practices are being used all year long.

RegenX photo-based protocol is low cost, non-intrusive to farmers and informs buyers on what’s really happening on each farm.

RegenX farm in transistion

What types of coffee can you buy?

Different farms are at different stage of their transformation. Farmers who have already completed their transition to an agroforestry system grow Premium and Specialty coffee grades.


Coffee grade

Premium and Specialty

RegenX farm in transistion

Planting system

Agroforestry (generally without livestock)

Farm size

Average of 2 ha per farmer

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