Enabling Regenerative Agriculture at scale.

RegenX is a financing platform for small agri-businesses in Southeast Asia who are transitioning to regenerative agriculture. 

Invest in a new asset class: regenerative farming.

Invest in regenerative transitions the commercial way

Finance working capital gaps to unlock higher  profits from better quality or productivity, in ways that incentivize regenerative transitions and generate returns.

RegenX intercropping farm

De-risk investments over time and scale your impact

Rely on our data model to allocate capital in ways that maximize regenerative potential as well as financial returns.

RegenX pepper farm

Track farm-level impact outcomes

For the first time, see your impact at the farm-level based on ground-truth data – not average summaries solely based on random sampling. 

The RegenX flywheel makes Regen Ag profitable.

We facilitate the deployment of international, impact capital into regenerative agriculture done by smallholder farmers.

We select and finance working capital gaps for small agri-businesses who work with such farmers, and enable them to unlock immediate gains in quality or productivity and drive farmer behaviors. 

Unlike other projects and interventions, we are able to produce attractive returns for the right investors at every harvest cycle – not after long farm transition periods. 

To access our financing facility, small agri-businesses and farmers implement our simple Regen Ag protocol and track their practices. 

Progress towards agroforestry is measured and scored for each agri-business and farm against a Regenerative Agriculture Scale.

The more progress made, the better the financing terms.

Using a combination of farm-gate data on farming practices, inputs and yields, our data-driven approach de-risks agri financing while creating real economic benefits for farmers to stick to regenerative agriculture.  When technical assistance is necessary, we call on a network of expert partners to provide it.

Our proprietary data platform aggregates farm-level data, capital deployment and impact metrics all in one place. 

This makes communication, claims and investment into agri-businesses easier.

RegenX - regenerative agriculture

3 key impact areas measured in a single platform.

Livelihood, Regenerative and Carbon impact.

Capital deployment

See where your capital is going at a glance.

Livelihood impact metrics

Track livelihood improvement progress based on real farm-data level – not randomized surveys.

Regenerative & Carbon impact metrics

Track the regenerative impact your investments are having at the Nature and Carbon level.

We drive actual, measurable impact by unlocking financing options for small agri-businesses.

RegenX farmer

Unlocking working capital and higher profits

RegenX intercropping farm

Real regenerative transitions

Measurable impact

Regenerative Agriculture Pioneers

Regenerative Agriculture is the next frontier

It’s all about changing practices on the ground.
Benjamin Ware
Global head of climate and sustainable sourcing
Regenerative agriculture can be one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal for fighting climate change, biodiversity loss [...] and improve the livelihoods of farming communities around the world.
Ramon Laguarta
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
It revolves around the farm’s ecosystem: looking at the soil, looking at biodiversity, looking at water, and also looking at the carbon aspect. It is also about ensuring economic benefits for the farmers.
Jennifer Simpson
Director of Agriculture
These are unprecedented times with supply chains under enormous pressure and the impacts of climate change all too real. Regenerative farming is a critical part of the solution.
Grant Reid
Chair of SMI Agribusiness Task Force and Former Mars CEO

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