Listen and Learn: Top 10 Regenerative Agriculture Podcasts

Regenerative agriculture is revolutionizing our approach to farming, offering pathways to restore ecosystems and enhance sustainability. For those eager to deepen their understanding, podcasts on this topic serve as an invaluable resource. 

This list curates the leading voices and conversations in the field. They provide a starting point for new explorers, fundamental RegenAg practices, and insights into the best RegenAg examples conducted around the globe.

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5 Podcasts about Regenerative Agriculture


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This weekly podcast, brought to you by Yaupon Brothers American Tea, offers a refreshing take on sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Engaging discussions on American-made products and insightful episodes on sustainable practices make “TeaCology” a must-listen for those passionate about the future of farming and the environment. 

Each episode offers expert insights into regenerative practices that can transform agriculture globally. Join others in learning how to make a difference, one farm at a time.

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

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The “Regenerative Agriculture Podcast,” hosted by John Kempf, is a valuable source of knowledge for professional growers and agronomists aiming to delve into the science and principles of regenerative agriculture systems. This podcast is for those looking to enhance crop quality, yield, and profitability through regenerative practices.

With over 90 episodes to its name, the podcast has garnered a reputation for its in-depth discussions, practical advice, and exploration of the challenges and solutions in the field of regenerative agriculture​​​​​​.

Listeners can expect to gain insights from a range of experts as Kempf, the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, leads conversations that tackle the real issues growers face, from soil health to crop nutrition​​. Whether you’re new to the concept of regenerative farming or are looking to refine your techniques, this podcast offers a wealth of information, inspiration, and actionable strategies to transform your agricultural practices.

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food

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“Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food” is a podcast that invites listeners to the forefront of agricultural innovation. Spanning over 329 episodes, this podcast series connects with leading regenerative agriculture experts, revealing investment impacts on soil, communities, and ecosystems.

Hosted by Koen van Seijen, the show poses the critical question of how to allocate financial resources to support and scale regenerative practices effectively​​. With a clear focus on the tangible benefits of regenerative agriculture—not just for the environment but also for the financial viability of farms and investors. Each episode explores the successful strategies for making an impactful return while fostering ecological restoration​​.

ReGeneration Rising

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“ReGeneration Rising” is an RSA-commissioned podcast that delves into the potential of regenerative practices to reshape our world. Hosted by Josie Warden and Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl, it features discussions with global change agents on aligning with natural systems and embracing collaborative action towards regenerative futures. 

The series not only provides deep insights into regenerative thinking but also runs a companion webinar series for further engagement​​. With guests like Kate Raworth and John Elkington, the podcast covers diverse topics from regenerative cultures to economics, aiming to inspire a rethinking of humanity’s role on Earth​​​​​​.

ReGenAg Chat

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“ReGenAg Chat” is a podcast that invites listeners into the evolving conversation around regenerative agriculture. Hosted by Nic Renison and Liz Genever, who are the founders of the Carbon Calling conference, this show offers regular interviews with farmers making transformative changes on their land. The discussions revolve around how these changes benefit not just the land itself but also the surrounding community and the farmers’ own well-being​​​​​​.

The podcast serves as a platform for sharing experiences and insights from the forefront of agricultural innovation, highlighting personal stories and practical applications of regenerative practices. It’s a valuable resource for those interested in the tangible aspects of implementing regenerative agriculture and the broader implications for communities and the environment.

5 Podcast about Carbon & Agriculture

Carbon Farming Podcast

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The “Carbon Farming Podcast” presented by Agoro Carbon Alliance is a specialized auditory journey into the world of agricultural carbon. This series provides the latest news and insights, featuring conversations with industry experts, farmers, ranchers, and agronomists. It is for anyone interested in the carbon market and the role of farm-based carbon credits​​​​.

Listeners are given an inside look into the development of carbon farming, with discussions about the impacts on both the economy and ecology of farming practices. The episodes cover a range of topics, from the technical aspects of carbon credits to the personal stories of those who implement and benefit from these practices.

Net-Zero Carbon

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“Net-Zero Carbon” delves into the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions in transportation, a critical sector for tackling climate change. With 96 episodes to date, the podcast provides a weekly platform where experts and industry professionals share their endeavors and insights into reducing emissions​​​​​​.

This podcast is a conduit for understanding the complex logistics of transportation and its environmental impact, offering a narrative on how individual and collective actions can lead to a more sustainable future. Each episode contributes to a roadmap of strategies and innovations aimed at steering the transportation industry toward a net-zero future


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“Carbonsations” is a podcast that shines a spotlight on influential figures leading the charge in the carbon industry, aiming for net-zero and beyond. This podcast is relatively new, with 5 episodes available, but it has already set its focus on interviewing founders, CEOs, scientists, and other trailblazers. These guests share their personal narratives and contributions to this rapidly expanding sector, providing invaluable insights into the fight against climate change​​​​​​.

Through candid conversations, “Carbonsations” provides listeners with a unique perspective on the personal journeys of those at the helm of the emerging carbon market. It’s a critical listen for anyone interested in understanding the pivotal role of industry leaders in shaping a sustainable future and their innovative approaches to mitigating climate change.

Accelerating Net Zero

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The podcast “Accelerating Net Zero” offers an investigative lens into the race against time to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a net-zero status by 2050. In 8 episodes, “Accelerating Net Zero” examines sustainable finance, revealing how it supports clients towards a greener economy.

As the title suggests, the podcast is about accelerating the pace of change toward net-zero emissions. This process involves a collective effort from various sectors, and “Accelerating Net Zero” brings together experts who discuss the latest trends, challenges, and successes in this journey. It’s a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts who are keen on understanding sustainability financial mechanisms.

Carbon Catch-Up

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“Carbon Catch-Up” invites listeners to engage with the dynamic field of carbon banking. This enlightening series, hosted by Rabo Carbon Bank, covers everything from carbon and regenerative farming to carbon markets and agroforestry. Through interviews with farmers who have embraced these challenges and transformed their operations, the podcast offers a firsthand look at the evolving landscape of sustainable agriculture​​​​​​.

Tune in to “Carbon Catch-Up” for the most recent updates in carbon banking and gain insights into how these practices are reshaping agriculture towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

Harnessing more insights for regenerative growth

These podcasts are the voices that come together to advocate for the future of agriculture using regenerative practices. From “TeaCology” to “Accelerating Net Zero,” each podcast catalyzes change. 

📖 For further reading on this topic, explore RegenX’s insights on regenerative agriculture books that delve deeper into these practices.

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