RegenX farmers in transition

Source toxic-free ingredients from farmers already transitioning to agroforestry and ensure transitions keep happening.

Why supporting transitions is key

When farmers start transitioning to agroforestry, there is no guarantee that they will keep going.

Without the right like-minded buyers, it is often difficult to make a decent income from a transitioning farm.

Without a fair buying price, farmers will be tempted to chop everything down and plant an intensive monoculture in hope to make a better living. 

Buyers can prevent that by purchasing from farmers in transition at a fair price.

RegenX outcome


Soil health

RegenX farmer

Farmers' livelihood

Have an evidence-based impact

RegenX farmers regularly take snapshots of their regenerative practices, to prove their transitions are happening. Leverage these assets to make your Regenerative Impact come to life!

RegenX intercropping farm

Yearly audits for certifications are costly and insufficient to prove that the right regenerative practices are being used all year long.

RegenX photo-based protocol is low cost, non-intrusive to farmers and informs buyers on what’s really happening on each farm.

RegenX farm in transistion

What types of coffee can you buy?

Different farms are at different stage of their transformation. Farmers still in transition produce both Commercial and Premium grades, but generally not Fine / Specialty grades yet. 


Coffee grade

Commercial and Premium

RegenX farm in transistion

Planting system

Alley-cropping / intercropping

Farm size

Average of 2 ha per farmer

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