RegenX network

Source from verified Regen Ag regions, create a real impact on farmers’ livelihood and regenerate soils.

Evidence-based Impact

Farmers in the RegenX network follow our regenerative practice  protocol to ensure soil and biodiversity are restored while water is preserved.

Their regenerative practices are monitored and documented at regular intervals, giving buyers a clear visibility on regenerative transitions and the real impact of responsible sourcing.


No herbicides / pesticides.


Monitor real impact.


Soil, biodiversity and water

RegenX farmer transition


Farms in transition

Source from farms in transition to agroforestry and accelerate their transition. 


Agroforestry farms

Source from farms who have already completed their transition to an agroforestry system and support regenerative continuity.


Starter farms

Source from farmers who are starting their regenerative journey and support their humble beginnings.

(Coming soon…)

We are looking for the right impact investors to accelerate regenerative transitions.