Cacao: Your Regenerative Agriculture Checklist

RegenX - regenerative agriculture checklist for cacao

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As the global market for cacao is projected to reach 20 billion USD by 2028, it’s increasingly important to think about how this huge demand can affect our planet. One of the best tactics to tackle this is regenerative agriculture.

RegenX’s checklist is crafted to address this need, offering cacao farmers a roadmap for implementing regenerative agriculture techniques. By focusing on areas such as soil health, biodiversity, water conservation, and carbon reduction, this checklist provides effective strategies to enhance the sustainability and resilience of cacao farms.

What you’ll get

  • A comprehensive and thorough checklist to effectively implement Regen Ag for cacao farms
  • Soil management, water conservation & control, diversify plantation, and more.
  • Bonus tips and practical regenerative examples for farmers to refer from.

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