Highlights of ‘Reducing Farming Costs with Microbial Fertilizer’ program – RegenX x Simexco

RegenX and Simexco are joining forces to launch our first program, “Reducing Farming Costs with Microbial Fertilizer,” at the Ea Tan Cooperative in Dak Lak. The project not only brings economic value but also focuses on improving soil quality, thereby increasing productivity, agricultural product quality, and the soil’s CO2 absorption capacity.

This is the initial step in our long-term plan to apply sustainable agriculture models widely in Southeast Asia, contributing to environmental protection against climate change.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Director of Sustainable Agricultural Development at Simexco DakLak, stated, “We are always seeking an effective method to improve soil quality and reduce chemical fertilizers while still ensuring output. With the new direction of regenerative agriculture, our collaborative program with RegenX could innovate farming methods for the people, also adding more value for farmers and reducing emissions in the supply chain.”

RegenX - highlights regenx simexco program

Launching the ‘Reducing Farming Costs with Microbial Fertilizer’ program and the compost training

On April 8th and 9th, RegenX in collaboration with Simexco successfully organized the “Reducing Farming Costs with Microbial Fertilizer” event series and training sessions at the Ea Tan Cooperative. The event attracted enthusiastic participation from farmers with 82% of registered attendees present, of which 90% signed up for the composting training program with experts.

Let’s take a look at what happened at the campaign:

On the first day, RegenX’s expert introduced the farmers to microbial composting methods. The event also emphasized the use of the farmer’s diary app – RegenX’s software that helps farmers track and enhance cultivation efficiency, with 70% of attendees downloading and activating their accounts.

The second day continued with a training session led by our fertilizer expert Henry, which included composting activities, free soil testing, and professional advice to improve soil quality. The event not only provided new knowledge and skills to the farmers but also encouraged and supported them in transitioning to sustainable regenerative agriculture.

Being the first to sign up for the campaign, Mr. Doan Dai Hai – farmer at Ea Tan shared “I hope that the team and Henry will help our farmers succeed in fermentation and composing microorganisms as well as making fish protein and pesticides in a biological way to reduce chemical fertilizer and become environmental friendly”

Following the training on microbial fertilizer production techniques, from April to June, the RegenX team will monitor the households’ gardens, inspect, and provide practical support to each farmer during their fertilizer production process.

From June to October, after the microbial fertilizers have been applied to the soil, RegenX will conduct evaluations including soil microbiota tests and monitoring changes in the crops’ nutrient absorption capabilities.

RegenX - highlights regenx simexco program

At the end of the harvest season, the collected data will be analyzed to assess the economic effectiveness as well as the environmental impact of using microbial fertilizers.

Based on these results, Simexco and RegenX aim to expand this model beyond Ea Tan, applying it to other agricultural regions in the area to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural value chain that brings high economic benefits to farmers.

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